The Tiergarten murder: Austrian strategic analyst criticizes German politics

In the past few days, the killing of a Georgian citizen in Germany has caused a lot of attention. At first glance, this incident looks like a scene from a movie about the mafia.

The Tiergarten murder: Austrian strategic analyst criticizes German politics

As you know, foreign criminals often wage a private war in Germany. Due to the fact that the victim was an “anti-Russian gangster” who also acted terroristly in Chechnya, this issue was immediately connected with the special services in Russia.

Austrian expert Patrick Poppel criticizes the political instrumentalization of this criminal act:

“Here, again, a single incident is used for propaganda against Russia. There are criminal acts everywhere, and who knows the Caucasus understands that the situation there is even more complicated”.

In connection with the Tiergarten assassination, Poppel also commented on the failed migration policies of Germany and Austria.

“The criminal acts of people from the Caucasus are now accumulating in Germany and Austria. This is due to improper migration policies”, – he said.

The Austrians offer to strengthen bilateral contacts with the Caucasus, as well as to establish ties with the Caucasian republics of the Russian Federation in order to better understand the origin of people in the future.

For Poppel, who is also making great efforts to establish contacts in the Caucasus, criminals from this region are very damaging to the reputation of decent people who live there.


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