The Netherlands has sheltered criminals: murderers and thieves receive free housing

Migrants who have committed various crimes and human rights violations have been welcomed in the Netherlands with open arms. Criminals received free accommodation, medical care and food there. Leiden even reported that they would continue to care for this group of migrants.

Documents from the Ministry of Justice and Security had revealed that Rotterdam, The Hague, Groningen and Leiden had granted asylum to persons who had committed serious crimes. Although according to Article 1F of the UN Convention relating to the Status of Refugees these persons should be excluded from the asylum procedure.
It is not known why the municipality of Leiden still offers asylum to foreigners suitable for Article 1F.

“Currently, we care about the same person with 1F status from Iran”, – the municipality openly stated.

In response, Rotterdam said that “currently there are no 1F faces in the shelter”. However, the documents show the opposite.

In Groningen, they admitted that four employees suitable for 1F had worked here until the beginning of last year, but they no longer reside there. One of the former employees “left the city or region”, but “three of these people are still in the country”, –  the municipality said.