Africans are annoying the “most democratic” country – the U.S. is experiencing a wave of arrests

American border guards, who often dealt with refugees from Latin American countries, were puzzled by the sudden influx of migrants from African countries. Against this background, the U.S. began to fear an increase in the terrorist threat.

This is what One America News is reporting.

According to the media, the southern border of the United States has a record number of migrants from African countries who are considered as sponsors of terrorism in the United States. Thus, we are talking about migrants from Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia and Congo.

Referring to the study of the Legal Institute of Migration Reform, the channel notes that at least 10,000 illegal immigrants from “terrorist” countries entered the United States. Such figures were of concern to Congress. They believe that illegals from African countries may well start forming terrorist cells in the United States.

At the same time, the media cited the example of the Somali Abdullahi Hassan Sharif, who in Canada on a truck with the flag of the Islamic State rammed pedestrians.

In connection with this situation, immigration and customs police agents have already arrested and expelled from the U.S. 44 illegals suspected of links with terrorist groups. However, as noted on the channel, most potential terrorists remain at large.