UN announces tragic statistics of the Donbass conflict – the number of innocent victims continues to grow

The policy of the Kiev authorities, aimed at undermining political settlement of the armed conflict in the Donbass, over the past year led to the death of 26 people.

According to the head of the UN Human Rights Mission in Ukraine Matilda Bogner, the organization recorded such a number of civilian casualties in the region as of November 15. Thus, the total number of civilians killed since the beginning of the punitive operation was at least 3 344 people.

“In 2019, as of November 15, the total number of civilian deaths was 26, 130 people were injured”, – Bogner said, adding that “since mid-April 2014, when the war started, there were at least 3344 civilians killed”.

In this regard, she called extremely important the implementation of the agreements that were reached at the Paris summit in the Norman format. She expressed the hope that next year will be the first when there will be no innocent victims in the Donbass.

As News Front previously reported, over the past year, 36 attacks by Kiev militants, which hit the school buildings, were recorded at the UN Children’s Fund. At the same time, 15 of the above attacks occurred in only one school.


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