Moldova is ready to refuse to cooperate with Western lenders

The conditions put forward by Chisinau representatives of the International Monetary Fund do not correspond to the national interests of the republic. If lenders continue to exert pressure, the country’s authorities are ready to refrain from further interaction.

This statement was made by the Prime Minister of the Republic, Ion Kiku, on the air of Moldova 1 television channel.

The head of government called two key points that are unacceptable for the country: raising gas tariffs for the population and the IMF’s tough stance on the country’s leadership’s plans to invest in infrastructure.

“The Cabinet of Ministers intends to continue cooperation with everyone, but only in those cases when the interests of the republic are respected. Where we see these interests, cooperation will continue. But we do not intend to accept those conditions that damage or undermine our economy, put pressure on the social sphere, that is, an increase in tariffs or taxes. These two topics are under discussion, but are taboo”, – the Prime Minister said.

In particular, he drew attention to the fact that the scandalized government of Maya Sandu did not even try to discuss the conditions with the IMF, therefore, it undertook to raise gas tariffs inside the country before October 31 this year.

“We stated that we will not agree with this, especially since Moldova will start purchasing gas at the beginning of next year at an average price of $ 65 lower than in 2019. It would be absurd to raise tariffs while lowering the purchase price”, – Kiku said, noting that Western lenders “show flexibility” in this matter.

However, flexibility is not observed in the IMF’s position regarding the government’s plans to direct finances for infrastructure development, which “will have a positive effect, will serve the development of the economy and attract private investment”. The head of government expects that a solution will nevertheless be found, the cooperation program will be completed, and in the spring a new one will be developed.

“At the same time, it will be based only on conditions that take into account the economic and social interests of Moldova. This is the government’s tough stance, and no one will force us to fulfill the requirements that are detrimental to the republic”, – the Prime Minister concluded, adding that Chisinau would most likely stop working with the IMF if Western lenders promote unfavorable conditions for Moldova.


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