France is shrouded in smoke from fires and burning tires, police forces to use tear gas

The cities of France are shrouded in smoke from fires and burning tires. The first day of the mass trade union strike ended in clashes with the police. Law enforcers tried to restrain the crowd of thousands by using tear gas and water cannons. There are dozens of detainees and victims. In Paris, traffic is disturbed. Hundreds of flights were canceled. Almost 200 schools are closed.

A national strike forces Parisians to stay at home. Electric trains still do not go, the number of regular buses is reduced three times. Closed 10 of 16 metro lines.

The numbness in which Paris and all the major cities in France fell yesterday was violated only by protests. In the French capital, they quickly turned into clashes with the police. In the Republic Square, the radicals smashed shop windows, burned tires and scooters parked there. Several people were injured, 90 were detained.

In total, according to the police, 800 thousand protesters went out on a rally against pension reform. True, the trade unions themselves claim that there were 1.5 million of them. Opinion polls so far demonstrate high support for the movement: 70% of the French understand the demands of the strikers. But how long has France been ready to endure inconvenience?

Morning traffic jams around Paris have already stretched over four hundred kilometers, although they usually do not exceed 100. There are interruptions in air traffic – AirFrance cancels every fifth flight for the second day in a row. Firefighters, doctors, teachers also take part in the strike. On Wednesday in Paris, only three schools worked. Universities also cancel classes, because most students will still not be able to come to them.

The strike of transport workers in France should officially end on Monday evening. But the unions have already said – if the government urgently does not make concessions to the strikers – they are ready to extend the collapse until Christmas.


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