Crimea urges EU to end “madness” of anti-Russian sanctions

Ivan Shonus, deputy chairman of the Crimean parliament’s committee on people’s diplomacy and interethnic relations, called on the leaders of the European Union to lift sanctions against Russia.

Earlier, a high-ranking source in the EU structures said that a political decision on the extension of the restrictions is expected at the summit of the EU leaders to be held on Thursday and Friday.

“It’s time for the EU leaders to stop the protracted political game of sanctions against Russia and stop this madness associated with anti-Russian hysteria. While the decision on the extension of sanctions has not yet been taken, the Crimeans are calling on the EU leaders to reflect, taking responsibility for the economic well-being of their countries, and to take a sensible decision to lift the sanctions”, –  said Shonus.

According to him, the economic development of European countries directly depends on the level of good neighborly relations with Russia.

“If the EU decides to extend the sanctions, it will be, first of all, to the detriment of them”, –  said the MP.

In turn, the head of the Public Chamber of Crimea, Grigory Ioffe, said that Russia is a self-sufficient country that does not need anybody’s handouts.


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