Germany rejects US extraterritorial sanctions

The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is threatened by US sanctions shortly before completion.

“We are observing the situation in the USA and the discussions that are being held there in Congress. Our principled position regarding extraterritorial sanctions is clear: we reject them, ”said the representative of the German Ministry of Economy.

She noted that the German side expects what decisions will be specifically made in Congress.

“If these sanctions come into force, it will be a direct blow to the sovereignty of the European Union,” warned the chairman of the Eastern Committee, the East European Association of German Business Oliver Hermes.

He recalled that “all the necessary permits for the completion of Nord Stream 2 were obtained in the EU and the corresponding rules for operation were adopted.” He called the attempt to influence the US in the EU not only an unfriendly act, but also a threat to transatlantic relations.


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