Stoltenberg reiterated that NATO does not consider Russia an enemy

The Alliance’s Secretary General says that Russia is not the same as the Soviet Union, and that Russia used military aggression against Ukraine, but NATO does not consider it an enemy.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance does not consider Russia an enemy. He stated this in an interview with CNN on Monday, December 9.

“We do not create a list of enemies. We do not consider Russia an enemy. What we see about Russia is that it used military force against its neighbor, Ukraine”, – Stoltenberg said.

According to him, Russia is not the same as the Soviet Union. The Secretary General also stressed that NATO is always trying to improve relations and does not divide the world into enemies and friends.

Recall that earlier Stoltenberg explained the position of the alliance that Russia is “not an enemy”. The head of NATO said that NATO does not define Russia as an enemy, but they are making efforts to prevent the Crimean scenario from repeating itself in the member states of the alliance.

The Secretary General of the Alliance also announced that it would not be possible to repeat the “Crimean scenario”. According to Stoltenberg, NATO will not allow the “scenario” to be repeated on the territory of other countries participating in the Alliance.