“Specific symptoms of a severe pathology” – they want to move Trump from the White House directly to a psychiatric hospital

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, is increasingly keen on his crazy ideas, he often speaks of “conspiracy theories”, and “shows great aggressiveness and revenge”.

With such words, a group of psychiatrists addressed the House of Representatives Committee on Legal Affairs at the U.S. House of Representatives, including Yale Medical School professor Bandy Lee, George Washington University professor Dr. John Zinner and former Central Intelligence Agency psychologist Jerrold Post. Moreover, psychiatrists backed up their appeal with a petition signed by more than 350 of their colleagues.

Experts insist on the need to consider the “dangerous mental state” of the head of the White House, since the actions of the Democrats seriously hit his “fragile self-esteem”.

“In connection with the upcoming impeachment, Donald Trump could become much more dangerous and begin to pose a threat to the state”, – the psychiatrists explained the reason why they addressed the congressman right now.

At the same time, the authors warn that Washington is at great risk when in fact “they leave without control and attempts to understand the psychological characteristics of Trump’s impeachment”. According to them, “ignoring this could lead to disaster”.

“We urge Congress to take such dangerous signs responsibly and keep its [Trump’s] destructive impulses in check”, – the psychiatrists said, saying the US president has “specific symptoms of a serious pathology”.

Experts believe that Trump needs a “strengthened medical surveillance regime,” since his “crazy ideas” are not just another political position. Finally, the authors of the letter called the president the problem of US health care, as his ability to spread his ideas leads to “national psychosis”.

As News Front previously reported, Democrats are aggressively trying to oust Donald Trump from the presidency. Initially, he was accused of conspiring with Russia, which allegedly intervened in the 2016 presidential election. In this regard, a large-scale investigation, called “RussiaGate”, was initiated. However, evidence of Trump’s connection with Moscow was never found.

Later, the Democrats began to accuse the head of the White House of “pressure” on the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. The fact is that Trump was counting on the assistance of the new Kiev authorities in disclosing information that compromised his Democratic opponent in the upcoming elections, Joe Biden.

The latter, being vice president of Barack Obama, blackmailed Petro Poroshenko, having secured the dismissal of the prosecutor general, who investigated financial fraud in the company of Biden Jr. Democrats could not allow the disclosure of these scandalous facts, so they decided to launch a counterattack, which could end impeachment for Trump.