Negotiations with Taliban resumed, but violence regarding Iran remain

“Today the United States resumed negotiations in Doha. The basis of the discussion will be [finding ways] to reduce violence, which will lead to the start of inter-Afghan negotiations and a ceasefire”, – TOLOnews television reported, citing a source in the United States.

At the same time, the United States say they will continue to exert maximum pressure on Iran.

“As for Iran, there are many tools that we can use. And we will continue to use them in relation to Iran”, – said the US Permanent Representative to the UN Kelly Kraft.

The main reason for exerting pressure upon Iran is their alleged presence in Iraq and meddling in the Yemeni situation. However, the US is not the one to judge about interference in the internal affairs of Middle Eastern countries.

Kraft also noted that a Security Council meeting will be held on December 19 on the topic of the implementation of resolution 2231. According to her, the meeting will be devoted to the “non-proliferation problem and the challenges that come from Iran”.

“This will be an important opportunity for the Security Council to demonstrate its commitment to ensuring compliance with resolution 2231, especially given the ongoing actions of Iran and a direct violation of the provisions of this resolution”, – Kraft said.


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