Iraqi protests marked by a bloody attack

The next wave of anti-government protests in the Iraqi capital ended up with the mass shooting of demonstrators.

Iraqi protests marked by a bloody attack

This was reported by Asharq Al-Awasat, citing information from Iraqi security and health services.

According to reports, the incident occurred last night on Hilani Square in Baghdad, where a group of unidentified people opened fire on protesters. The victims of the attack were six people. Another 30 demonstrators received injuries of varying severity. The media does not indicate exactly who was behind this attack, but it happened a day after a series of incidents when at least 13 people were stabbed in the Tahirir Square in Baghdad, the epicenter of the protests.

As News Front previously reported, anti-government protests in Iraq have not stopped since early October. Then the protesters demanded that the authorities solve the problems of corruption and unemployment. Subsequently, the protesters have already set the conditions for a change in the political system in the country, which was formed after the invasion of the US Armed Forces in 2003. In late November, protesters nevertheless secured the resignation of the Prime Minister of Iraq. Adil Abdul-Mahdi then stated that he was resigning, and on December 1, the Parliament accepted the resignation of the government.

It is worth noting that these demonstrations have become the largest in the country over the past 16 years. In total, at least 400 people died during the protests. The account of victims goes to thousands.


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