Romania will avenge the removal of the pro-Western government of Moldova

Bucharest is unhappy that the pro-Western government of Maya Sandu was given a vote of no confidence by the Moldovan Parliament for her trying to gain sole control over the procedure for appointing the prosecutor general.

Romania will avenge the removal of the pro-Western government of Moldova

The corresponding statement was made by the Romanian Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu during a meeting with his Moldovan counterpart Aurelii Cioca.

According to Aurescu, in connection with the situation, the Romanian authorities intend to revise the conditions of support for Moldova. At the same time, he said that the change of government in the neighboring republic allegedly “contradicts the long-term interests and medium-term relations of Moldova and its citizens”.

Aurescu also stood up for the former Moldovan Prime Minister and the leader of the pro-Western bloc “ACUM” Maya Sandu, claiming that she sought exclusively to promote democracy. According to the official, the “reform of justice” was aimed at the same thing.

As News Front previously reported, in early November, the pro-Western government of Moldova was dismissed after the Party of Socialists voted to vote on a vote of no confidence in the Cabinet. The reason for this decision was the scandalous “reform” initiated by Prime Minister Maya Sandu. In fact, she received the right to single-handedly propose candidates for the post of prosecutor general. Moreover, the decision was made under the responsibility of the government, which means that his resignation was the only way to cancel the decision. In Chisinau, it is possible that Sandu deliberately took such a step for which the Cabinet was more likely a problem, given the lack of results. Now she will begin the struggle for the presidency.


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