Italian Foreign Minister: Russia restores its role in the Mediterranean

 Russia is regaining its role in the Mediterranean region, remaining the “inevitable partner” to solve regional problems, said Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Mayo.

“The Mediterranean, thanks to the discovery of resources and infrastructure, is becoming an increasingly large connected platform for the world. The United States remains an ally and friend of Italy, and we believe that it is imperative that the United States continue to play a critical role in the region”, –  he said at the opening of the international forum “Mediterranean Dialogues” in Rome.

According to him, the Mediterranean is a central theme of relations between Rome and Washington.

“In January, we will hold a new session of the Strategic Dialogue on the enlarged Mediterranean region at the Foreign Ministry”, –  Di Mayo said.
“Russia, the inevitable partner in regional dynamics, is regaining its importance in this region”, –  said the Italian minister.


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