Iranian ambassador noted deepening relations with Russia

Iranian ambassador to Moscow Mehdi Sanai noted that relations between Tehran and Moscow in recent years have deepened and are important for the region and the world.

Iranian ambassador noted deepening relations with Russia
“Our relations have a lot of experience and a long history. But in recent years, these relations have deepened, become stronger, the nature of strategic relations has prevailed, including in the fight against terrorism in the region, the Middle East and Syria. Mutual trust has increased”, –  said Sanai at a press conference.

According to Sanai, over the past few years, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has visited Russia five times, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been to Iran three times, in six years 17 meetings have been held between the leaders. The Iranian ambassador added that the Iranian foreign minister visited Russia 27 times in six years.

The Iranian ambassador stressed that Russia played a serious role in the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action for the Iranian Nuclear Program, together with China, it is trying to maintain the agreement.

“I think that more than ever, we feel the importance of Iran-Russia relations in restoring peace in the region and in the fight against terrorism. We understand more deeply the statement of Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah (Ali) Khamenei, who said several years ago that powerful Russia and independent Iran and the relations between these countries are useful for the region and the world”, – Sanai said.


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