Biden said he did not intend to testify in Congress

The politician said that he would not allow Trump to avoid impeachment and therefore would not distract attention from the procedure with his speech.

Former US Vice President and Democratic candidate for presidency, Joe Biden, does not intend to testify as part of the impeachment process of US leader Donald Trump. He said this to reporters on Wednesday, December 4, in Iowa, according to Washington Examiner.

“No, I’m not going to let them (Trump and his supporters – eds.) divert attention (from the impeachment procedure – eds.)”, – Biden said, answering the question whether he would stand before Congress to testify voluntarily.

“It is the president who committed the crimes that entail impeachment. I will not allow him to avoid it”, – Biden added.

Earlier, Trump and the Republican Party representatives said that Biden and his son Hunter should be testified.

Recall that a scandal erupted in the United States and launched an impeachment procedure after an anonymous informant announced Trump’s pressure on Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to persuade authorities to investigate Hunter Biden, the son of former vice president Joe Biden, in exchange for financial and military help.


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