Protests were held in London against the actions of Trump and Erdogan

Large-scale protests are taking place in London in connection with the start of the NATO summit, which was attended by leaders of the countries of the North Atlantic alliance, Sky News reports.


Until late in the evening, protests continued against the withdrawal of American troops from Syria and the presence of the Turkish military there, OTR reports. Among the demonstrators were not only immigrants from the Arab countries, but also the indigenous people of Britain.

“No to Trump. No to NATO”, – read the posters with which the protesters took to the streets of the British capital.

Demonstrators actively used posters, flags and loudspeakers. Most of the slogans are dedicated to the presidents of the United States and Turkey – Donald Trump and Recep Erdogan.

Demonstrators gathered at Trafalgar Square, which is located at the intersection of the three main streets of Westminster – Strand, Whitehall and Mall. Traffic in the area is difficult. Now the crowd has moved to Buckingham Palace, where NATO leaders have recently arrived for an official dinner.

According to British media, hundreds of dissatisfied went to the protest.

It is worth adding that the NATO summit in London will last two days.


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