Deputy of the killed leader of the Islamic State captured in Iraq

In the Iraqi city of Kirkuk, a cousin and deputy of the liquidated leader of the Islamic State terrorist group, Hamed Shaker Sabaa al-Badri, nicknamed Ibn Khaldun, was captured. This was reported by Alsumaria.

Ibn Khaldun was considered a “military emir” in the province of Salah al-Din and was engaged in intelligence matters.

He was also one of the most wanted terrorists after eliminating al-Baghdadi. The gunman was hiding in a rented apartment, where he lived under false documents under the name Shaalyan Obaid.

The US President Donald Trump said on October 27 that American soldiers carried out an operation in northwestern Syria, during which the ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed. Subsequently, this was confirmed in ISIS.

The leader of the “Islamic State” was repeatedly declared dead or wounded by the media. It is believed that al-Baghdadi was injured during an airstrike of the US military in early 2015, but was able to recover and maintain direct control over the group.

In September, al-Baghdadi’s first appeal to supporters appeared in 5 months, in which he urged them to “redouble their efforts” and “make feats”.

The previous appeal of the ISIS leader was released in April 2019 – it was the first in 5 years.

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