Almost 900 refugees from Jordan and Lebanon returned to Syria in 24 hours

Nearly 900 Syrian refugees returned to Syria from Jordan and Lebanon over the past day, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense’s Facebook page on the Russian Ministry of Defense’s reconciliation and control over the movement of refugees.

“Over the past day, 888 refugees returned from the territories of foreign states to the Syrian Arab Republic, including 254 people from Lebanon through the Jaydet-Yabus, Tell-Kalah checkpoints (77 women, 130 children), and Jordan through the Nasib checkpoint – 634 people (190 women, 323 children)”, – the report said.

Over the past day, the Russian side held one humanitarian action in the village of Kornaz, Hama province. 350 food packages totaling 2.05 tons were issued.
According to the center, the engineering units of the Syrian armed forces cleared 2.29 hectares of land per day. In addition, experts destroyed 46 explosive objects.


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