Miodrag Zarkovich largely agreed with the position of the Donetsk People’s Republic

Miodrag Zarkovic, a Serbian journalist and director who visited Donbass as an international observer, estimated that he largely agreed with the position of the Donetsk People’s Republic on changing the sequence of execution of paragraphs of the Minsk agreements. On the other hand, he urges to remember that the Minsk agreements are now constantly violated by the Kiev side.

“I believe that it is unacceptable to make the DPR and LPR hostage to the Minsk Agreement in a situation where Ukraine does not respect it. With this ratio of positions, when one side does not feel the obligation to comply with the contract, the other is in a difficult position if its behavior is evaluated from the point of view of this contract. By no means would I like to urge the DPR and LPR to violate the Minsk agreements! But I would not want them to be “trapped” because the other side is committing acts that undermine the foundations of this document, ”Zarkovich said.

“The DPR and LPR won their freedom through the war to which they were forced”, –  the Serbian journalist recalled. “And this fact is a key geopolitical factor that will be studied in the future more than any legal document”.

Midorag Zarkovic recalled the Serbian experience in similar military-political situations.

“The bombing of Yugoslavia ended with UN Resolution 1244. Since then, Serbia has strictly observed every paragraph of this resolution. The same thing is done by countries that respect the territorial integrity of Serbia, especially Russia. But on the other hand, there are Kosovo Albanians and their patrons in the United States, whose position does not correspond in any way with resolution 1244. When the Serbian security forces left the region, they destroyed everything that was discussed at the UN. Therefore, today, unfortunately, Serbian statehood in Kosovo does not have a faint shadow of what it should have been. Looking back 20 years, we can say that by unquestioningly following Resolution 1244, we transferred control of the situation to the opposite side, and the cost to that is the lives of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija”, – the Serbian journalist warned.


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