Trump will be the most unwanted guest for the hosts of the NATO summit

The summit of the North Atlantic Alliance, organized by the British authorities this year, is complicated by the fact that the United Kingdom is on the threshold of elections.

Trump will be the most unwanted guest for the hosts of the NATO summit

This is stated in the material of the Times.

According to media reports, the problem is the inevitable visit to London by the US President Donald Trump, who is not popular among the British. In this regard, the current Prime Minister of Great Britain, Boris Johnson, has to persistently avoid appearing in public with the Head of the White House.

Trump always spoke warmly about Johnson, calling him “a good guy”, and also without justification comparing his politics with his own. Nevertheless, they will have to meet at the NATO summit only twice: at the opening of the summit and during dinner. They do not plan a bilateral meeting with the government, since it is impossible to predict Trump’s statements, and their influence on the political situation in Britain may prove dangerous for the Conservative Party.

But the current opponent of Johnson Jeremy Corbin intends to take advantage of this situation, hoping to show that after Brexit and the conclusion of a deal with Washington, Britain says goodbye to its healthcare system.

At the same time, Trump has his own plans for a visit to London. There, he plans to negotiate with Brexit party leader Nigel Faraj. Faraj himself noted that in the framework of the summit of the North Atlantic Alliance, Joris Johnson has to decide whether “London will be on the side of Donald Trump and NATO or will support Emmanuel Macron and the European Union”.


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