Migrants who refuse to live in accommodation centers create problems in the Balkans

Since the beginning of November, the number of migrants on the Serbian-Hungarian border has increased, Radio and Television of Serbia reports. According to RTS, over the past month, 2000 people tried to illegally cross the border, which is a record number for this section of the “Balkan route”.

Some of the migrants had to be moved from the north of the country to the south, to the city of Presevo, RTS adds.

According to the Serbian Commissariat for Migrants, there are currently 4,300 people living in temporary accommodation centers in this country. In total, they can take 6,000. But the biggest problems are brought by foreigners who do not want to live in these institutions.

“They live in uncontrolled conditions and provoke problems with the dominant population” , – assistant commissioner Ivan Gerginov said in a comment on RTS.