Evidence of Ukraine’s involvement in the MH 17 crash found in DPR

Deputy of People’s Council of DPR Vladislav Brig caught the Press Secretary of the command of the  Ukrainian Air Forces Yuri Ignat almost on a direct admission of the guilt of Kiev in the crash of the Malaysian airliner Boeing MH17.

The deputy of the People’s Council of the DPR Vladislav Brig found evidence of Ukraine’s involvement in the crash of the Malaysian airliner MH17 in 2014. On his Telegram channel, the parliamentarian pointed out a curious quote from the Press Secretary of the Ukrainian Air Force Yuri Ignat, who admitted that the Ukrainian military did use Buk anti-aircraft missile systems in the crash area, allegedly against some drones.

According to Ignat, Buk is used against drones as an effective means of struggle. Commenting on the statement of the press secretary, Brig ironically noted that everyone heard about the effectiveness of these systems against passenger aircrafts and Boeings.

“The truth will come out sooner or later, no matter how you try to hide it”, – the deputy of People’s Council of DPR addressed to the representatives of Kiev, recalling the story of the Tu-154 aircraft shot down by the Ukrainian military over the Black Sea in 2001.

We will remind, earlier political analyst Alexei Gusev said that Russia had a system of “Diamond Eyes”, consisting of twenty-four low-orbit satellites. They constantly monitor not only the territory of the Russian state, but also the border areas of neighboring countries. According to the expert, Moscow will soon reveal the data from these satellites so that the public knows the truth about the crash of MH17.