Beijing harshly responds to Washington: American democracy machine lost heralds in China

The US administration paid a heavy price for the scandalous decision to legally legitimize the Hong Kong “color revolution”. Beijing’s response will seriously limit Washington’s interference in China’s domestic policy.

This statement was made on Monday, December 2, by the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Hua Chunying.

She recalled that the United States, in spite of the Chinese side’s protest, passed the law on the protection of human rights and democracy in Hong Kong, which actually openly demonstrated Washington’s support for radical sentiments in this administrative region of PRC.

“Such a step is a gross violation of international law, as well as fundamental norms of international relations. Thus, the United States openly intervenes in the internal politics of People’s Republic of China. Beijing strongly protested this and in response it was decided to introduce sanctions against  the US non-governmental organizations. Among them there are the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, Human Rights Watch, as well as Freedom House”, – said the representative of the Foreign Ministry.

As News Front previously reported, since the beginning of summer in Hong Kong, mass protests have not stopped, accompanied by pogroms and clashes with the police. The original reason for the demonstrations was the extradition bill. He allowed the Hong Kong authorities to transfer criminals to Chinese law enforcement. It is noteworthy that the protests did not stop even after the authorities removed the discussion of the bill from the agenda.

Beijing has repeatedly pointed out that unrest is fueled from the outside. Radicals receive support from the United States, in whose interests it is to destabilize the situation in China. As part of this campaign, US President Donald Trump also signed into law to protect human rights and democracy in Hong Kong.