Washington demands more money from Seoul, but cannot even save from the impending crisis

The US administration will be able to loudly accuse DPRK President Kim Jong-un of a new Korean crisis, but this will be an insignificant consolation, given that Washington is absolutely not ready for such a scenario.

This is stated in an article in the American publication The Washington Post.

Pyongyang’s ultimatum expires with the end of 2019. After that, North Korea will withdraw from the negotiations with the United States. All this will not affect the stability in the region in the best way. Even worse is the fact that the US administration will not be able to oppose anything to this.

But Washington did not miss the opportunity to demand more money from its partners. From Seoul, the United States wants to increase the cost of maintaining American troops to about $ 5 billion a year. At the same time, the author of the article admits that such pressure is an insult for the South Korean leadership, because the United States is postponing the already reduced joint military maneuvers, and also did nothing to avoid the DPRK’s withdrawal from the denuclearization talks.

“Kim will be guilty of the next North Korean crisis, but it’s hardly possible to amuse ourselves when we are not preparing for such a scenario,” the article says. “The United States needs to protect the alliances we depend on, not attack them.” This is the only true way. ”