The principles of capitalism: the US sells “allies” aircraft, some of which are left to themselves

The United States has turned the North Atlantic Alliance into a mechanism for generating revenues from the military-industrial complex, which is not much inferior to the dubious credit system of the International Monetary Fund.

If a country, working with the IMF and getting a loan, is forced to fulfill a number of dubious conditions, including reducing its social programs. Moreover, most of the money is ultimately returned to the creditor when experts and advisers are hired or American military equipment is acquired. Thus, the country is left without money and with a huge external debt.

Washington turned a similar scheme with its defense industry. Thus, the Danish authorities purchased in the United States 27 F-35 fighter jets worth about $ 3 billion. However, the Danish Air Force will only receive 22 aircraft, since five of them will remain at the air base in the US state of Arizona. On these aircraft, American instructors will train pilots from Denmark. The same conditions overtook Norway.

In fact, the United States created a monopoly in the flight training system on its aircraft. Naturally, this brings them additional income, since not only airplanes are sold, but also additional options, and at the same time, Washington retains also a part of the equipment sold.