Poroshenko also promised a lot of things: The U.S. advises not to expect peace from Zelensky

Most of Ukrainian society today associates their hopes for resolving the conflict precisely with Vladimir Zelensky, however there is a high probability that he will end as well as his predecessor.

Such a statement was made by Adrian Karatnitsky, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council American Analytical Center, in a commentary to Glavkom.

The expert recalled that in 2014 Petro Poroshenko came to power with the same peacekeeping promises, and as a result, the armed conflict dragged on for many years. The same situation will be with Zelensky, says Karatnitsky.

“When a person comes to power, he understands the world in his own way, considers himself a generator of changes in the country and also tries to act in the international arena. His [Zelensky]’s great desire was to meet with President Trump. Now he seeks to meet with Putin. Today, few people remember, but at the beginning of the presidency, Poroshenko also had certain warnings, because he also began his election campaign as a candidate for a peace camp, promising to end the war in a few days. And many believed that he, as a businessman, would pragmatically and quickly find a common language with Putin. I think that such expectations and warnings are still with society and with regard to President Zelensky, ”said Karatnitsky.