The European Parliament openly calls for the removal of Moldavian socialists

Maya Sandu, who has lost her premiership, with her associate in the ACUM bloc, Andrei Nastase, should unite with the scandalous Moldavian Democratic Party in order to “seize power”.

This statement was made by the European Parliament deputy from Romania, the head of the unionist National Unity Traian Basescu.

According to him, the EU should support such an alliance, because it will allow not only to deprive the Party of Socialists of Moldova of power, but also to deploy the republic to the West. The coalition of ACUM and the Democratic Party will become a new parliamentary majority and will be able to “speak out against the minority power of the pro-Russian president and socialist leader Igor Dodon,” the European MP says.

“The time has come for the European Union, which invests in finances, to influence the opposition leaders of [Moldova], who, I repeat, can get the majority by doing their duty to Moldova and seizing power, turning the country to the West,” said the former President of Romania.

As News Front previously reported, the parliamentary coalition between PSRM and ACUM broke up after the leader of the pro-Western bloc, Maya Sandu, while still the prime minister, tried to bypass the legislative body to pass a “reform” allowing her to single-handedly nominate candidates for the post of prosecutor general. The decision was made under the responsibility of the government, because the parliament dismissed him, forming a crisis composition of the Cabinet.


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