Kiev militant selling weapons in the Donbass war detained again

Earlier, a Kiev man who had already received a sentence for arms trafficking again fell into criminal activity.

According to the press service of the National Police, the 51-year-old participant in the punitive operation was arrested for selling weapons and ammunition. In the past, the court has already sentenced him to 4 years in prison with a trial period of 2 years. Therefore, the offender began to act more carefully, sending weapons in parts, using the services of a postal operator.

During the search of the punitive’s apartment, 2 Kalashnikovs, 4 pistols, a hunting rifle, 10 grenades of various modifications, fuses for grenades, and about 1,500 rounds of various calibers were found.

Now the offender is in a temporary detention center. Law enforcement officers are preparing a petition for the election of a preventive measure against him in the form of detention.