Sderot undergoes rocket shelling from Gaza Strip

According to local residents on social networks, a series of explosions followed the sirens.

In the evening of November 26 in the Israeli city of Sderot, an early warning siren sounded for rocket attacks.

The IDF (AOI) reported that it had recorded the launch of two missiles from the Gaza Strip towards Israel. One of the missiles was shot down by the Iron Dome missile defense system, and the second was deliberately missed, as it was sent to a deserted region outside the city. The head of the Israeli government immediately responded to the shelling.

“If someone in Gaza thinks he can take on the old after Operation Black Belt, then he is mistaken. We will react harshly to any attempts to attack us and continue to ensure the security of Israel on all fronts”, – said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

At the same time, around midnight, Palestinian media reported that AOI Air Force aircraft appeared over the Gaza Strip. Explosions in the Khan Younis area have also been reported.

Shortly afterwards, sirens of the “red alarm level” sounded in the city of Ashkelon (Israel), however, later, the Israeli Defense Ministry reported that the alarm was false. According to the military, the signal was triggered after machine-gun fire was fired from the Gaza Strip towards the Air Force aircraft attacking the positions of Palestinian militants.

Previously reported mass protests in Palestine related to statements by the US leadership on the approval of the Israeli policy of artificial settlement of disputed territories in the region. It is possible that the military aggravation was the reason for the rash policies of the United States in the Arab-Israeli region.


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