Merkel’s speech at the debate in the Bundestag: “Freedom of speech must also have limits»

Speech by Angela Merkel gives the impression that the Chancellor is still not tired after 14 years at her post. Even if her voice at the end of the speech was a little hoarse, it became clear to everyone: Merkel was not going to leave her post ahead of schedule, she supported the “Big Coalition” and appreciated the achievements of the past.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced the importance of NATO during the debate in the Bundestag.

“Europe cannot protect itself at the moment”? –  she said.

That is why it is right that Germany should work more for the Alliance and take more responsibility. Germany must work for NATO unity. Although Turkey is a complex partner, it must be kept in NATO for geostrategic reasons.

Merkel refrained from discussing German defense spending. However, for some reason, she again emphasized: the preservation of NATO is now in Germany’s own interests.

The Chancellor also spoke out about relations with China. In her opinion, “one of the greatest dangers” is that each EU member state has its own policy towards China. “This is not so bad for China as bad for us in Europe.”

Then the chancellor discussed issues of domestic policy in Germany. Merkel also remembered the assassination of the head of the administrative district of Kassel, Walter Lubke, and the attack on the Jewish synagogue in Galle. “What is happening in our society?” She asked, thus answering the statement that Germany does not have real freedom of speech. She emphasized: “Freedom of speech must also have limits.” Contradictions must be overcome. And freedom of speech should also have limits – where the dignity of people is infringed upon and persecuted.

“And we will and must confront this at home, and we can cope, because otherwise this society is not what it used to be”.
In conclusion of her speech, Merkel went on to discuss the issue of the continued existence of the “Big Coalition”: “We have already done a lot, but much remains to be done”.

Her “personal opinion” is: “I’m here with you and it’s good if you are too”, –  Merkel continued, referring to the Social Democrats. Until Friday, the SPD members can vote for the future party leadership. The result of the primary election may already lead to a directed decision on the issue of further government participation. In the end, the “party congress” on December 6 decides whether the SPD will remain in the “Big Coalition”.


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