China calls for enhanced global cooperation to counter terrorism

China considers it necessary to strengthen cooperation of the international community on the transfer of terrorism suspects and the exchange of intelligence to effectively fight terrorism in the Middle East, Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Chen Xiaodong said at the opening of the Middle East Security Forum.

“A comprehensive counter-terrorism strategy is a guarantee of enhanced security in the Middle East. Terrorism is a tumor that destroys the health of the region and harms the whole world. The international community needs to unite and follow the intended course to the end, until the threat is completely eliminated”, – said the assistant Minister.

According to him, “it is extremely important to deprive terrorist and extremist forces of a chance to take advantage of the current regional instability in order to sow panic or regroup and create new bases”.

“We should listen to the needs and concerns of regional countries, take concrete steps to help them increase their ability to fight terrorism. We should take an approach to address both the symptoms and the root causes, cutting off terrorist financing and enhancing practical cooperation in transferring suspects to terrorism, border control and intelligence sharing”, – he added.


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