Iran gains victory

According to the Iranian state media, President Hassan Rouhani defeated the riots that continued in the country for 6 days after nationwide protests broke out as a result of a sharp jump in gas prices.

Speaking at the government meeting in Tehran, Rouhani said that the country “won in yet another challenge” and that “despite the country’s economic problems and existing grievances”, Iran demonstrated that “it will never allow the balance to be shifted in favor of the interests of the enemy”,  Press TV cites the words of the Iranian President.

The Iranian government has accused foreign rivals of intruding in the riots, caused by the fact that the almost complete disconnection of the Internet stopped the flow of information from the country.

Demonstrators first took to the streets on Friday, the day after the government announced an instant increase in fuel prices by 300% due to US sanctions against Iran.

According to Rouhani, the protesters were not Iranians, but anti-government forces, “pre-sponsored by reactionary regional regimes, Zionists and Americans”.



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