State Department declassified documents on US-Ukraine relations

The State Department has declassified documents on relations between the United States and Ukraine, among them there was evidence of the involvement of the Donald Trump administration in the campaign against the US ambassador to Ukraine.

State Department declassified documents on US-Ukraine relations

In the electronic correspondence, there were messages from US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Trump’s lawyer Rudi Giuliani. In accordance with published information, the lawyer turned to him for help in conducting a slanderous campaign against the US ambassador.

The documents of the US State Department indicate that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Giuliani before recalling Marie Yovanovitch as US Ambassador to Ukraine.

Documents confirm that Pompeo spoke twice with Giuliani on the telephone on March 27 and 29.

Also in one of the emails, dated March 28, 2019, is a list of phone calls that Pompeo was supposed to make – they also included the numbers of attorney Giuliani and Rep. Devin Nunez.

A letter dated April 5 to the State Department from six former US ambassadors to Ukraine, including Chargé d’Affaires William Taylor, in which they express concern about the “attacks” on Jovanovic, was also published.


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