US Bolivia henchmen promise to fix problem with their opponents

Representatives of opposition forces that object the revolutionary government, who have overthrown President Evo Morales, will be able to freely get to the residence of the Head of state to begin negotiations.

This statement was made by the Minister of State Contracts, Services and Housing of Bolivia, Jerko Nunez, appointed to this post by Janine Agnes, who proclaimed herself President after the coup.

According to him, the negotiation process will begin on November 23.

“In fact, they gave us a guarantee that all social sectors will be involved. Only in this way will we have the opportunity to reach agreement on resolving the situation in the country. I believe that this is exactly what the Bolivians are waiting for”, – Yerko Nunez said, noting that the dialogue with the goal of “saving Bolivia from the barricades” will begin on Saturday at 16:00 local time [23:00 Moscow time].

As News Front previously reported, in Bolivia, under the pretext of “election fraud”, pro-American opposition overthrew President Evo Morales. During his reign, GDP and minimum wages increased in the country, the population and average life expectancy increased, the oil and gas industry became nationalized, stimulating an economic breakthrough. At the same time, he denied the policy of the American free trade zone, Morales opposed the neo-colonization of Latin America by the United States and the imposition of capitalism, which played against him.


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