Boris Johnson aggressively defends Russia, saving his ratings before the election

After the ardent Russophobe Boris Johnson was accused of having ties to Russia, the British Prime Minister decided to change anti-Russian rhetoric in order to maintain his position in the unfolding election race.

As News Front previously reported, in order to undermine Johnson’s ratings, the British media disseminated information that the Conservative Party allegedly received sponsorship contributions from a number of Russian entrepreneurs. It is also alleged that Russia allegedly “intervened” in the referendum on the UK’s secession from the EU.

Now, the British Prime Minister, formerly known for harsh anti-Russian rhetoric and support for sanctions against the Russian Federation, called the theory of “Russian intervention” a fiction, comparing them with the myth of the Bermuda Triangle.

“I’m sure that the British people have supported the exit from the European Union and have been waiting for this for three and a half years”, – Johnson said during a television debate, calling the rumors spread by his opponents “nonsense”.

At the same time, he emphasizes that there is no information about “Russian interference” in the report of the inter-party committee on the activities of intelligence and security services, to which the prosecutors refer.

It is worth noting that Boris Johnson himself also used the Russophobic factor in his election rhetoric. So, he has already managed to call his main opponent of the leader of the Labor Party Jeremy Corbin “a supporter of Putin”.


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