Saakashvili supporters start with the Rose Revolution, and end with the Lock Revolution

Locks and chains have become a symbol of a new coup attempt in Georgia. These attributes became popular after the radicals closed the doors to the parliament building. Now, locks are hung on all the buildings of state institutions, to which they get.

The situation was commented by the Deputy Prime Minister of Georgia, Minister of Justice Thea Tsulukiani, noting that the path of the so-called “Mishists” from roses to castles is a miserable sight.

“When you start the journey with roses, and end with castles, this indicates that the political force is in an extremely difficult and bankrupt position. Therefore, neither politicians nor civil servants should spend a lot of time on this. We must make Georgia stable and peaceful in the 2020 elections, ” Tsulukiani said.

As News Front previously reported, another wave of protests began in Georgia on October 14. The reason for the new revolutionary scenario was the failure of the parliamentary vote on the bill to change the electoral system, which was the demand of the pro-Western opposition during the summer protests.