It is revealed who supplied Kiev punishers with weapons before Washington

The well-known Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaitandzhieva in her new investigation told how exactly the weapons of the Balkan country were in the hands of the punishers.

In particular, we are talking about shells with a caliber of 60 mm for the Serbian mortar M73HE. Ammunition manufactured in February 2016 was discovered by military personnel of the Donetsk People’s Republic. It was fired by Kiev militants, but the shell never exploded.

According to publicly available documentation, it is known that three countries ordered the M73HE mortars from the Serbian arms factory Krusik: the United States, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. At the same time, Riyadh does not officially export weapons to Ukraine, Washington will begin deliveries of lethal weapons only in December 2017, and the United Arab Emirates did supply arms to Kiev. Back in February 2015, Kiev and Abu Dhabi entered into a corresponding agreement.

The documentation shows that in 2016, the UAE purchased a total of 120 thousand mortar shells manufactured by the Serbian arms factory. Among them there was ammunition for the M73HE mortar, the presence of which was recorded by the occupying forces in the Donbass.


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