Ukrainian Prime Minister threatens to interfere in German politics

The head of the Ukrainian government, Aleksey Goncharuk, announced Kiev’s intervention in Berlin’s energy policy in order to harm the implementation of the Nord Stream-2 project.

Ukrainian Prime Minister threatens to interfere in German politics

The official made the corresponding statement during negotiations with German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas.

According to him, Kiev is dissatisfied with the “possible exclusion of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline from the action of the EU consensus directive by an independent German regulator.” Goncharuk emphasized that he considers this decision of Berlin “unacceptable”, because Kiev should intervene in the situation allegedly with the aim of “protecting the norms of the European energy law”.

“It is in the interests of Ukraine to see Europe strong, therefore we intend to do everything so that the idea of ​​Europe and European values ​​remain strong,” the Prime Minister explained the motivation of the Ukrainian leadership, rejecting the position of Germany, according to which Nord Stream-2 economic project. Goncharuk called his project “political.”

At the same time, the official expressed hope that Berlin would help Kiev maintain the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine.

As News Front previously reported, the German parliament supported amendments to the EU gas directive, which was directed against Nord Stream-2 and required that foreign gas pipelines comply with European standards. EU countries were supposed to introduce these norms into national legislation, but the Bundestag could not pass the corresponding law.


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