Morozov calls on Estonia not to mess with the territorial issue

Tallinn should stop “messing around” with territorial claims against Russia, otherwise it may turn out that it is not Estonia that should gain additional territories, but rather, told Oleg Morozov, member of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Earlier, Speaker of the Estonian Parliament, member of the Conservative People’s Party EKRE, Henn Põlluaas, said that Russia should return the “annexed territories” to the Baltic Republic. He added that in order to advance in the ratification of the Russian-Estonian border treaty, Tallinn insists on the recognition by Moscow of the borders of the Baltic Republic within the framework of an inactive agreement.

“I would not advise messing with history. And it will easily turn out that it is not Estonia that should receive additional territories, but quite the opposite. This question must be closed once and for all. This is our position”, –  Morozov said. According to him, Russia does not have territorial claims against Tallinn.

“But they don’t intend to listen to any nonsense from him,” the senator emphasized. He recalled that this is not the first time that Estonian politicians have raised the issue of territorial claims on Russia.
“Estonian statehood, as you know, is young, and its history in terms of territorial formation is very contradictory. And we, for example, know many Estonian cities under Russian names”, – Morozov said.


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