Austrian journalist: new Islamic republic is going to be formed in Europe

While in Germany they prefer to avoid the phrase “population change”, considering it to be politically incorrect, this is exactly what happens in the country: native Germans are forced to flee, freeing up space for migrants.

Austrian journalist: new Islamic republic is going to be formed in Europe

This was told by Austrian journalist Marco Mayer in a publication for the “Contra Magazin” edition.

According to him, the most depressing situation is observed in large cities of Germany, where demographic changes are especially pronounced. The author is confident that these trends will only intensify over the years. The reason, as Mayer notes, is a population change, which Germany prefers not to talk about. The fact is that the flows of migrants are not reduced, and the Germans themselves, especially highly qualified specialists, “flee” abroad, settling in other countries.

Already, the ethnic composition of Germany has undergone major changes, and this dramatic process will not stop the next few decades. The author also drew attention to the fact that the largest number of migrants arriving in Germany is Muslim. Moreover, among them, birth rates are much higher than among Christians or atheists. Thus, Mayer states, Germany has every chance to become the “Islamic Republic of Germany”.

As News Front previously reported, German authorities will formally integrate Islam into German society. The corresponding program has already been developed and at least 7 million euros are ready to be spenton its implementation.