Japanese media: Ukraine is an abandoned country

Ukraine, which is to take part in key negotiations with Russia in the near future, feels as if the United States abandoned it: such an opinion is given in an article published in the Japanese newspaper The Japan Times.

Washington, in particular, after the resignation of Kurt Walker, has still not appointed anyone to the post of the US Special Representative for Ukraine, which should help Kiev resolve the issue with a settlement in the Donbass, the newspaper notes.

n addition, the former US ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, who earlier this year was forced to leave her post and leave Kiev, testified in the US Congress as part of the impeachment procedure this Friday. So far, no one has been sent to replace her in the Ukrainian capital, as it is stated in the article.

According to Japanese journalists, Ukraine was at the center of the current geopolitical battle between East and West. At the same time, the United States is showing less and less willingness to defend its allies in Eastern Europe, The Japan Times summarizes.

In late October, the House of Representatives of the American Congress officially launched the impeachment of the president. The reason for this was media reports that Trump allegedly demanded that President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky conduct an investigation against the son of his political opponent Joe Biden, and otherwise threatened Kiev with a delay in military assistance. Trump denies the allegations. In his opinion, it was Biden who asked for the dismissal of the Ukrainian prosecutor general, who was conducting an investigation against his son’s company.

Against the background of the impeachment procedure initiated by the Democrats, the US Special Representative for Ukraine, Kurt Volker, resigned, earlier Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch was dismissed from Kiev.


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