German Parliament demands the introduction of anti-American sanctions

If Washington dares to impose sanctions on companies that participated in the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline, the European Union and Berlin, in particular, must respond to the United States with appropriate measures.

Such a statement in a commentary for RIA Novosti was made by Alexander Noah, the official representative of the Left faction in the Bundestag on foreign policy issues.

According to him, Germany, like the whole Europe, does not need liquefied natural gas, which the US administration is trying to impose with its dirty policy of pressure and blackmail.

“We urge that reciprocal restrictions be imposed on US sanctions”, – the parliamentarian said, emphasizing that at this stage it is necessary “to think thoroughly about the form of these counter sanctions”.

He noted that German and Swiss companies that lay the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea ended up in Washington’s sanctioned zone of destruction. And if the worst case scenario occurs, the EU must be prepared for this.

“The EU or Germany will have to introduce retaliatory restrictive measures that would affect imports or US goods. We in Europe do not need American LNG”, – stated Alexander Noah.


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