Czech Prime Minister comes in a tie with the “Russian flag” on revolution anniversary

Czech Prime Minister Andrei Babish visited the events dedicated to the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, wearing a tie the color of the Russian flag.

Czech media, in particular Lidovky, drew attention to this.

Prime Minister Andrei Babish during Sunday celebrations of the anniversary of protests against communist totalitarianism, put on a tie with the Russian tricolor, but later changed it to the Czech one”, – the newspaper writes.

The Head of the government appeared in a tie with a Russian tricolor while laying flowers on Narodniy Prospekt in Prague. However, later, speaking at the National Museum, he was already wearing a tie with the Czech tricolor.

It is worth noting that the Russian and Czech tricolors consist of the same colors, but differ in the order of their placement. In the Czech tricolor, these are white, red and blue stripes, and in the Russian – white, blue and red. As UNIAN reported earlier, a mass procession in memory of the student action on November 17, 1989, with which the main events of the Velvet Revolution began, took place in Prague on November 17.

It is known that the events of November-December 1989 led to the removal from power of the Communist Party and the consequent abandonment of the socialist regime in then Czechoslovakia. Despite the initial clashes between the demonstrators and the security forces, the revolution was carried out bloodlessly, which became the basis for its name – “velvet”.