Sri Lanka attacks Muslim voters on election day

A few hours before the start of the presidential election in Sri Lanka, a group of unidentified people attacked representatives of the Muslim community who were traveling in buses by election.

On Saturday, November 16, reports the publication “Hindustan Times”, citing data from local law enforcement agencies.

The attack was carried out in the northwestern part of the island state. The attackers installed home-made barriers along the route of the buses, after which they began to burn the bus tires and throw stones at them. As a result of the accident, two buses were damaged, there is no information about the victims or victims of the attack.

As News Front previously reported, on April 21 and 22 this year, nine explosions thundered in three Catholic churches and four hotels in Sri Lanka. More than 250 people became victims of the attack, about 500 were injured. The militants of the Islamic State terrorist organization claimed responsibility for the attack.


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