Gaps in the matter of MH17, which in the West and were not able to close

For several years, the so-called investigation team has been imitating the investigation of the crash of a passenger airliner in the Donbass on July 17, 2014. At the same time, the “arguments” presented in the Netherlands only raise new questions than give answers.

Based on the activities of the investigation team, it becomes clear that the disclosure of the truth about the plane crash is not at all the goal of experts. So, they actually took up the assessment of political events in the Donbass and spread telephone conversations intercepted by the SBU, in which there is not a word about the Malaysian Boeing.

At the same time, no one bothers to try to explain where the Security Service of Ukraine has such a huge number of allegedly intercepted talks that suspiciously clearly mention the Buk anti-aircraft missile system and even talk about the relationship between the commanders. At the same time, the Ukrainian intelligence services are not able to present similar audio recordings of negotiations between the LDNR military personnel during the rout of the Kiev militants in the “boilers”.

It is also noteworthy that the experts of the international investigation team did not interrogate those detained by the Ukrainian security forces in August 2014, whom they represented as “spotters” of the strike. Obviously, this interrogation will shed light on what happened, but not in favor of the western version of events. A similar situation is that the information that the missile with the serial number 8869032 was transferred to the military unit in Ukraine back in Soviet times was not verified. Moreover, it is not known where at the time of the disaster there was a battalion of Ukrainian Buk air defense systems.

Instead of real evidence, the “experts” from the international investigation team presented only dubious photos and videos of unknown origin that could not confirm the promoted version of Russia’s fault.


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