Flight MH17 or as a joint investigative group tens owl to a globe

In modern Russian, there is such a phraseology “pull an owl on a globe”, i.e. wishful thinking, and, reading the appeal of the JIT Joint Investigative Group investigating the case of the downed Malaysian Boeing over Ukraine in the summer of 2014, I can confidently say that this is what these brave guys are doing. Moreover, their owl is small, and the globe is huge, which turns their incredible efforts to pull the owl onto this globe into a farce that has been observed for several years by all that part of humanity that is familiar with such a concept as logic. I say part of humanity, because at the top of the current Brussels bureaucracy with logic there is a complete “Ales Kaput”.

In this article I will not operate with figures and facts, the Russian side provided them in sufficient volume, conducting special briefings by the Ministry of Defense on the Boeing crash, clarifying through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and publishing the data of my own expertises conducted by Almaz-Antey “, Which concerned the use of Boeing weapons and much more.

As one movie hero in a famous Soviet film said: “Let’s rely on logic and common sense.”

So, let’s begin. The investigation team turned to “possible witnesses” who can testify or provide information on a whole list of issues. Here they are.

– The influence of Russia on the “Donetsk People’s Republic”

– Means of communication

– Areas of influence from outside – Management

– Areas of influence from the outside – Financing

– Areas of influence from the outside – Military operations

Divine, isn’t it? The entire list indicates to us that investigators are only interested in those testimonies that can be put in the piggy bank for the prosecution of Russia. Or am I missing something? Maybe this list contains a call to potential witnesses to testify about a possible involvement in the tragedy of the Ukrainian Armed Forces or the special services of Ukraine? Maybe there is a call on the list to testify about the involvement of Western intelligence agencies in organizing the crash of the Malaysian Boeing? And why could they not participate in this story? They also organized a coup in Ukraine, as now the US intelligence agencies organized a coup in Bolivia, and previously tried to organize a coup in Venezuela. So why is the investigation team not considering this version? It very logically fits into the concept of the sanctions policy of the West towards Russia, towards the transformation of Ukraine into anti-Russia. As the same movie hero said, “This is clear! Clear!”. Maybe they took up similar issues for consideration earlier? No. There were not even attempts. The topic of Ukraine’s responsibility for unclosed airspace for civil aviation in the zone of active hostilities remains the “default figure”. So where is the objectivity of the investigation?

Roman law reads, “Seek the one to whom the crime is profitable,” let’s see, and who received the profit from this tragedy? Russia? Well, if you consider Putin and the Russian leadership masochists, who thus wanted to worsen the economic situation in the country, giving rise to the imposition of certain economic bans on Russia, then such a version could take place. But only Putin can be considered anyone, he can be called a dictator, an authoritarian leader, a KGB officer, but one certainly cannot be applied to Putin. The President of Russia is not an illogical politician. On the contrary, his actions are always very logical and consistent. And, in this context, he is the last of those who were interested in the Boeing being shot down and hundreds of people killed. And who benefited from this tragedy? The putschists who came to power in Ukraine? Of course. They got everything. The status of a victim of aggression, which, although they had after the reunification of the people of Crimea with Russia, was immediately supplemented by an impressive package of anti-Russian sanctions, since in the case of Boeing it was already “a direct military attack on a civilian plane over the territory of Ukraine”. Help and “sympathy” from the West? Of course yes. Representation of Ukraine as a victim of the “bloody dictator Putin” in the eyes of the western man in the street? Given the bias of the Western media – no doubt. But Ukraine received the main thing – the legitimization of neo-Nazism, which was the engine of the coup. Just like Bolivian neo-Nazism has now become the engine of a coup d’etat in Bolivia. Behind the informational noise created, somehow marches with Nazi symbols and the burning of people by neo-Nazis in Odessa, and the shelling of the Ukrainian armed forces in the Donbas from multiple launch rocket systems, heavy artillery and aviation, somehow receded into the background. The Boeing tragedy became a sort of informational smokescreen, beyond which the world could not see the true state of things in Ukraine and was horrified by what was happening there. In PR there is such a term – informational cover. The tragedy with the Boeing was the same information cover for the Ukrainian authorities. Moreover, this gave Kiev the opportunity to develop the theme of the alleged Russian invasion. Which in fact was not, but which was supposed to exist in the minds of the same western man in the street. Remember the beautiful American film “The tail wags the dog”? As in that film, in order to save the international image of nationalists and racists who came to power in Kiev, the authorities in Ukraine needed a war, and not even victorious, but rather the opposite. A bleeding, such a democratic and almost European country should have been loved in the West, cherished and cherished, while lawlessness was happening inside Ukraine, journalists were killed, freedom of speech was abolished, but the worst thing was that people were killed in the armed civil conflict in the Southeast countries. But to recognize this conflict as a civil war, Poroshenko and his entourage was then impossible. Any definition – Russian aggression, terrorism, Mars attacks, but not the term “civil war”.

Now let’s see, and who else was profitable to bring down the Boeing and dump everything on Russia. Our tolerant, democratic, white and fluffy, unaccountable West. Old woman Europe + New World. Homeland of fascism, Nazism, the Holocaust, the Inquisition, the Crusades, gas chambers, the nuclear bombing of peaceful cities, the genocide of indigenous people in different parts of the world and Shakespeare.

It’s no secret to anyone who stood behind the coup in Ukraine, who prepared them, invested, in their own words, $ 5 billion, who appointed new leaders who were literally independent and why this was all done. The purpose of all these political movements was Russia, and the main postulates were as follows:

– The formation of public opinion that supports the imposition of sanctions against Russia, for its economic weakening, and thereby destabilize the situation in the Russian Federation and discredit the political leadership of the country and personally Vladimir Putin;

– Building the image of Russia in the world as the main global threat;

– The formation of a smoldering conflict on the Russian border to divert its forces and means to resolve this issue.

There were still smaller goals, but I won’t talk about them now. We understood the main thing. The West also benefited from the Boeing tragedy.

And now, I want to introduce you to the basics of such a profession as directing. Do you know what I was taught the first three years at the theater academy? Ability to formulate a super task. The supertask, to put it simply, is that, in fact, about which we shoot a movie, only fit into one sentence using the verb. For example, since we previously remembered William, ours, Shakespeare, then the super-task in the film “Hamlet” would look like this – the Son at all costs wants to avenge the murder of his father.

And every sneeze, every gesture, every movement in the film is aimed at one thing – solving a super task. The director, making a motion picture, checks any action with a simple question – “How does this work for the super task?” If not, then it is ruthlessly thrown away.

Now let’s extrapolate our directing knowledge to the Boeing situation. The super task of the United States and its European partners, or rather vassals, since there has been no talk of a true partnership for a long time, was very understandable – We must stop Russia in its quest to revive a multipolar world. Check any step of the West based on this super-task, and you will see that everything that works to solve it is done, and everything that doesn’t work is not done. Simple and clear. All of the items listed in the appeal of the Boeing Investigation Group are working on a Western super task. And all that I wrote earlier about the benefits of the then Ukrainian authorities and the United States with their vassals – does not fit into the established super-task, so there will never be questions about them. There will be no objective investigation of the Boeing tragedy until a new director appears in the political leadership of the United States and Western Europe, who will formulate a new super-task and begin to shoot a new political blockbuster. I’m even ready to give him a name – “Guys, let’s live together.” And then we will see how the actions of our Western partners across the power vertical, beginning with the heads of state and ending with the media, will radically change, and perhaps then the very list of the Investigative Group for the unfortunate Malaysian Boeing will consist of only one item:

– We are looking for witnesses who know at least something about the Boeing tragedy – without unobtrusive nods towards Russia.

However, I’m almost sure that this will not happen in the near future, which means that Russia’s statements that the investigation should be approached as objectively as possible and draw conclusions not from Internet fakes and phone talks blasted on the knee, but based on the joint work of specialists, will remain the voice of one crying in the wilderness.

Dmitry Borisenko, specially for News Front


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