Trump’s impeachment public hearings: what’s next?

On Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said President Donald Trump had already admitted to bribery in the Ukrainian scandal that underlies the Democrat’s investigation. Pelosi accuses Trump of a “flawless” offense in accordance with the US Constitution.

“The bribe is the provision or refusal of military assistance in exchange for a public statement about the fake election investigation. This is corruption”, – Pelosi stated at the Press conference the day after the first public hearing to investigate the impeachment.

Democrats are investigating whether the Republican President abused his power by holding $ 391 million of the US aid to Ukraine as a leverage against Kiev to conduct two investigations that would bring him political benefits.

Another central figure, the former US ambassador to Ukraine Marie Jovanovic, is due to testify on Friday at the second public hearing to investigate Trump’s impeachment.

The constitution provides that “unpredictable crimes include high treason, bribery, or other serious crimes and misconduct”. Democrats began to use the words “bribery” or “attempted bribery” when discussing Trump’s actions. According to the precedent, this obstacle may be another article justifying impeachment.


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