Trump impeachment public hearing: key points

As previously reported, on the first day of the public hearing in the House of Representatives, testimony was given by charge d’affaires of Ukraine Bill Taylor and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent.

According to Taylor, on July 26, an employee of his headquarters witnessed a telephone conversation between Trump and the US ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland, during which the US President on his question about the current state of the Biden case investigation, was answered that the Ukrainians were “ready to continue”. Taylor also noted that Sondland confirmed Trump’s intention to get the investigation into the Biden case, which his personal lawyer Rudi Giuliani insisted on, implemented.

According to Adam Schiff, chairman of the House’s Intelligence Committee, bribery may be the main reason for prosecution: the President’s actions to provide military assistance to Ukraine only in case of the beginning of Biden’s investigation, which is necessary to facilitate Trump’s re-election campaign, constitute a “quid pro quo” policy – one good turn deserves another.