The son of Berlin House of Representatives member from the AdG party is threatened

The son of a member of the House of Representatives of Berlin, Gunnar N. Lindeman, is threatened by classmates. One wants to “stab him”.  The reason for this is obviously his father’s political commitment.

“Calls for violence from the old parties seem to have infiltrated schools”, – Mr. Lindemann said.

Only recently did the Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia Armin Lachet call on AdG to “fight on the spot”.  Mr. Lachet joins the line of hate preachers who openly call for violence against the democratic opposition. You should also remember the statement of the leader of the parliamentary group Schleswig-Holstein, Ralph Stegner, who tweeted back in 2016 that it was necessary “to attack people and the composition of the AfD”.

“If the violence of the old parties now threatens the families of democratically elected representatives, the acceptable zenith will ultimately be exceeded”, –  Lindemann says.

“Even Marzahn-Hellersdorf’s school counselor Gordon Lemme (SPD) did not fight the threats of killing my son”, –  Lindemann says.

Although he condemned the facts in the first paragraph of his commentary on Facebook, he finally had to reaffirm the line of the SPD party, saying that it was “AdG that promotes a climate of hatred”.

“Perhaps Mr. Lemm should think about whether he is suitable for the role of a school counselor with this statement”, –  Lindemann says.

“By the way, in the light of previous measures taken by the leadership of the Berlin police, I’m more than disappointed. Thus, it is clear that not one of the alleged perpetrators was interrogated by the police. “The only thing that the police leadership was able to do in this matter was to publish a press release. Not only for my son, but for all the children in Berlin schools, I hope that Senator Shears will very quickly and very effectively take appropriate measures to make our schools a safe place”, –  Lindemann added.

It must be the consensus of the whole society. And this is by all party characteristics, regardless of the profession or political beliefs of the parents.

“Police leadership and the judiciary will need to be judged by how effective and robust they are with regard to criminals”, –  Lindemann says. Here we will very closely monitor whether the law is applied in Berlin.


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